Uncle Joe's Falls
These pictures were taken at and around the falls located on my favorite Uncle's property.  They were taken during my last trip to the Sandpoint, Idaho, area.  I hope that you enjoy seeing the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.  By "clicking" on any picture you will return to our home page.
This is the hill that hides the falls.  This picture was taken from my cousin's front yard. This is a mountain meadow on the way to the falls.  It has been known to have bear, deer, and elk as residents.
This is the forest before going into the gorge to get to the base. Pend Oreille,seen at the top center of photo, is located in the pan handle of Idaho and is not too far from my uncle's home.
I tried to catch the full length of the falls.  It is dark and cool down here.  It is about 20 degrees cooler at the base than at the top.
This is how it looks close to the falls.  It is dark down here.
This is the pool at the base of the falls.  Please notice how clear the water is.
My guide, Mark, getting a drink after showing me how to get to the falls.  Thanks to him I was able to see my uncle's falls and take these pictures.