Geographic Regions

Capital City – Home of King Vaneer. It is the largest and nost prosperous city in the civil territories. Was attacked and almost destroyed by escapeies from skyhold. Saved by Garrison, Gully, Calibretto and Knolan. See issue 5# for the battle!

Royal Garden – Located in Capital City, Gully visits there in issue 3& where she collects ferries to show Calibretto.

Skyhold – Large maximum prison situated above groud which hold the lands most powerful and dangerous criminals. It is protected by The Mentu. It was broken into by Monika and her crew for a mission to rescue the Pirate Ryon del Soya.

Vandalheim – "A haven for rougues,murderers and worse." Home of the Death's Door Saloon. It is here where we first meet the characters Garrison (in a drunken state) and Monika with her team. Monika attempts to employ Garrison's services a task. Occurred in issue 1#.

Sirene Valley – The home of the swordsman Garrison. The place where he built his home for his deceased wife, but never completed the building due to her passing. Occures in issue 1#.

The Mana Region – Little known about this area. Was the former home of the wealthy Raimon. Occurred in issue 1#.

Thorn's Glen – Former home of Gully and Nanny. It was destroyed by the Lycelots. See issue #1.

Outpost Zeta – One of four security installations on the borderlands of Vaneer's kingdom. One of Capital City's last line of defence. It was attacked by criminals who escaped from Skyhold. 20 people died. See issue 2#.