The Doodle


What is the Doodle? 

"The Doodle" is an internet website who's main purpose is absolutely nothing but to put up the works of the doodle master and her doodle minions.

How was Doodle Created?

The idea was given by the Ink-gods that rule world of Academia.... I just thought it was really nifty cool.While chilling in her seat in home room the Doodle Master was suddenly hit with an incredible idea! A place where all the sketches, drawings, and colorings that have been abandoned by contemporary society can go to live in peace and harmony. Where they could be appreciated and viewed by all......


Who is the Doodle Master?

The doodle master was the messiah of the Ink-gods

She was sent down upon the earth to save the countless citizens of Academia from the horror of boredom...with her trusty tools of the Doodle World:

Black Ballpoint fine Inky-Pen and the Holy  Yellow Note Book which mysteriously appears and disappears.....


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ThE HoLly YellOw NoTe BoOk

*The Doodles of the Citizens of Academia*

the Agenda

Anatomy : A Reflection of the Doodle Master

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