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A Dedication To Elden John Holderness
This page is dedicated to my father, who, on June 21, 2002, passed away.
October 5, 1937 - June 21, 2002
Christmas of 1992 or 1993.
This is my dad when he was little.  From what I've heard, he liked to take things apart and then fix them.  I guess that's where I got it from! :)
Thanksgiving of 1998 in Arkansas. 
                   In Memory of Dad

Sometimes you were there when I needed you,
but now you're gone.
I guess mom will have to do it all now.

You always called at inconvinient times,
and I always wished you would go away.
Oh, how I miss your voice.

I always hated how everything I did,
was never good enough for you.
But now I know the truth.

Now I know you were truly proud of me,
and you really did love me.
I'll miss calling when I accomplish sumthin' in life.
Now you are in Heaven,
and I know you are watching over me.

Elden John Holderness: May you find your
peace. Oct. 5 1937-Jun. 21,2002. R.I.P.

Copyright 2002 J Holderness
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