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Louie Escauriaga

Eleven years experience as a storyboard artist on shows like Mighty Ducks, Timon and Pumbaa, Catdog and Savage Dragon.

He started out as a comics artist inbetweener then became an animator at "Fil-Cartoons," a subsidiary of Hana Barbera back in the Philippines.

Coming to Canada he fell in love with storyboarding and character design. He was nominated for a Leo Award  in BC for his storyboard work on "What About Mimi" in 2001.

Worked as a Storyboard Artist for the Following Shows:

* Cyberchase ~ (Nelvana)

* Braceface ~ (Nelvana)

*  Deljam ~ (Electronic Arts, Canada)

* Atomic Betty ~ (Atomic Cartoons)

* Yvon of the Yukon ~ (Studio B Productions)

* What About Mimi ~ (Studio B Productions)

* Something Else

* Woody Woodpecker

* Capertown Cops

* Milo's Great Adventure

* Mighty Ducks ~ (Disney)

* Sonic the Hedgehog

* Savage Dragon

* Jungle Cubs ~ (Disney)

* Timon and Pumbaa ~ (Disney)

* Calamity Jane ~ (Warner Brothers)

* Catdog ~ (Nickelodeon)

* Angry Beavers












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