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The man about the house

George and I are both from the same town, Harrow.

Yes, we went to highschool together.

Yes, we were highschool sweethearts.

OK. Now that that's over with...George is a graduate of the University of Waterloo's Masters of Accounting program. He got his CA in 1995 after a series of tortuous exams <insert much rejoicing here>.

Soon, he decided that being a company man wasn't for him, so he started his own business. Now he's got a few on the go: Raidea Business Solutions Inc. and Dube and Associates, Chartered Accountants, as well as a little side project in real estate investing. Did I tell you that he's a little busy?

Besides all this, he's a huge sports fan who has been disappointed time and again by both the Maple Leafs and, for the last few years, the Canadiens. He's resorted to baseball now. And, watching the Godfather series on DVD. At least this is some solace.

The picture is of Faith and George on Father's Day, 2003. She has this thing about putting a piece of grass in your mouth...it must be the farmer coming out in her.