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Last Update 11 November 2003 Peanut Linux
I live in Texas, and work as a Plant Operator at DFW Airport. Here's some more personal info about me, Might update it someday.....

I'm also a Christian and an Artist (of some small talent), as well as having an interest in Game Design. You can see some of my artwork here in my - Art Directory!

The following files are various homebrew games I've posted here:
An Alternative Weapon Rules Idea
Old Rules for Stellar Sanctums
Previous Rules for Stellar Sanctums
Simple Generic Star-Fighter Design

Fleet Rules
Using ideas mentioned on the SF ComsimL Mailing list.
Credit is given where credit is due.
Fleet Rules Spreadsheet

If you want the latest Game Information, Storyline, or to keep track of things, you'll have to sign up for the Future Past List, thought I'll occasionally dump stuff from the list here. It's as up to date as our current line of thinking as of 27 May 2002, as Dave and I both have real lives - you know, wives and kids, that sort of thing.

For a look at the rest of my Game Creation Projects, Gaming Files, and Information, You'll have to go to my Old Files HERE.These are my original games, I may or may not go back and update or add to them.

I had a table of bookmarks here, but I've gone back to the big file. To see my large selection of poorly editted bookmarks that I cut and pasted from my Netscape Bookmarks file a very long time ago when I still worked at SMU - go HERE! One of these days, I'll go through and but in Topical Bookmarks in the appropriate sections. Here's a newer version - HERE! - this is stuff from the period I was running Linux and working at Dalworth Tile and Stone.

If you wish to discuss my Life, send me an email at ---menchie---at---hawkpci---dot---net--- Due to a preponderance of Junk Mail from people that seem to think I'm too stupid to see that something is just an electronic Ponzi Scheme, I've decided to pull the mailto tag.

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