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The Perfect Woman

Day 61

A woman knelt in prayer, and in anguish cried out to God:
“Dear Lord, I can’t compete in this world. I am just a simple woman. I don’t have perfect hair or perfect teeth, a perfect smile or a perfect figure. I want so much to be loved and appreciated and needed. Oh God, please do something. Change me.” “My dear child, replied the Lord. To me you are simply wonderful. I accept you just as you are, I knew you even when you were in your mother’s womb, and I have you engraved upon the palm of my hand. Each part of you was created in my image. And I am changing you daily.But you see, I work differently than the world. I work from the inside out. And deep within your heart, I see the beginning of perfection.”

Russ Berrie

'Perfect Woman', is an excerpt from my book, "For B.O.W.'S Only-Beautiful Obese Women". Soon to be released by PublishAmerica...


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