December 14, 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

This is a little bit about what’s happening here in Oaxaca:

We are on the brink of multiplying our church planting efforts by beginning an institute to train lay people who are ready and willing to plant churches. This is huge for the work and we are excited. The missionary family that joined us here in Oaxaca, the Lightseys, brings much needed experience to make this happen. The institute begins in January. Please pray that the people the Lord brings will make deep commitments to training and working for Him.

Church planting continues in the small town/village we have previously talked about. Student teams are sharing Bible stories that we are working together to produce weekly. We are still meeting with only unbelievers at this point. We have carefully chosen and crafted Bible stories that we pray will lead these people to salvation. You might wonder why we have to produce stories when you can find Bible stories anywhere. We are working to make these stories understandable to the particular culture that we are working in. We are using the Bible as the source, but carefully selecting stories and choosing key terms that will give the best opportunity possible for these people to understand and receive the gospel in their own cultural context. Some of the unbelievers are very interested, but are being ostracized by their families for listening to the truth and for befriending us. Please pray for the salvation of the people!!

There are many details that we could write about regarding the two bullet points above which summarize our work. Assuming that most people just want the summary, we are sparing you the details. If anyone has questions or curiosity or any great ideas for us, feel free to write or call!! Click on our contact information below.

On the family front all is well. Miles is planning to attend Liberty University in the fall of 2008. He is showing signs of senioritis, but he assures us that his case is really quite mild. We are cherishing the time with him this year.

Thank you for staying in touch, for praying, for caring!

With much love,

Tom, Lorenda, Miles, Keverly, Skyler, Mikayla and Chica (our cute little mutt)

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Just a little taste of the
terrain around us. From winding and hilly
to flat dessert with giant cacti,
to tropical mountain jungle! All within a convenient drive.
Over the river and through the woods to a traditional
Thanksgiving dinner we go! We got together with some U.S.
missionary friends in Puebla, Mexico to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Our Mexicans friends all wish us a Happy Thanksgiving,
but they frankly seem a little disinterested in Pilgrim feasts
of foods they don't normally eat!
A real thrill for us has been the horse riding classes that
Skyler and Keverly have been able to take through their
school. It might become a more vital part of their education
than we think if gas prices continue to climb. We might be
looking for a nice 6 seat brown mare if it gets much worse.
I'm trying to convince Keverly that all 16 year old kids in the
states would rather have horseback riding classes than
Driver's Ed. I.M.B. Missionary kids can't drive mission cars,
so this is as good as it's going to get for awhile.
If she asks you, please tell her that horseback riding is MUCH
cooler than driving a car.
Keverly seems to have confused the serving plate with
her own. Miles was able to wrestle it away from her just
before she got the syrup on it.
Miles learned to make waffles from scratch in Venezuela
and so it is an occational breakfast feast when he gets in the mood.
(When Miles cooks... there is definately plenty for all).
This is a rare audition photograph. Mikayla has now
officially joined the family worship band. That is
quite an acheivment when you are auditioning
on a $10.00 "Muppets" piano.
Chica is a sweet little dog. This is not a just before Christmas
"I'm a good little doggy, give me treats in my stocking" look.
She really is just that sweet. You should
come pet her sometime.
Dog and Boy.
Chica doesn't know about the horse.
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