Fuckbag- by arthur

Verse I
She laughs for no reason just because she's in the mood.
I think of her so much that if she knew she could've sued
She's mesmerizing she could start her own religion.
She can read my mind with absolute precision

But now, it's all gone because...

I'm a fuckbag
raised the white flag
ran a fucking zigzag
lost the game of tag
Now I'm going to have to fucking pay,
came to the moment and didn't know wat to say

Verse II
We used to be the same when our love was just a game
We thought life was a shame and everyone was freaking lame.
When I saw her nothing could distract my vision.
To be with her was my only mission

But now, it's all gone because


Verse III
And maybe someday I'll come back to take her home,
but after what happened she'll probably want to be alone
And I know that it shows that it doesn't pay to take it slow
Thing are hard to forgive when you've dont it twice in a row.

And now it's all gone because...

Jerko-by the burdens

Verse I
Don't punch a baby in the face
Hit it with a mace
Heart was painted Black
for campassion that you lack.
Had a legal battle,
to burninate some cattle.
Bought a box of kittens.
Turned them into mittens.


And I know you're a jerk.
You slapped Captain Kirk.
Hunt in a zoo.
Rape a kangaroo.

Verse II
Kicks Sean in the balls.
Trapped him in a mall.
Locked all the doors.
Draft him in a war.
Stole money from a hobo.
Used it to buy an oboe.
Doesn't even play.
Threw it away.


Verse III
From a blind kid he stole a cake
and threw it in a lake.
Bought a golden goose
stuck it in a moose
Stole Santa's sleigh,
No christmas today.
All the kids will cry.
But he'd rather them die


I'm soooooorrryy...
He's soooorrrryyy
I'm sorry but I'm not.
Ole to a Hitman - by Alex & Arthur

I know how you feel Mr. Hitman
Going to kill me with a frying pan
Take a seven iron and practice your swing
Better make sure I don't feel a thing.

You're a Hitman (echo)
Mr. Hitman (echo)

Too badyou're a clone #42
Firearms master and know Kung fu,
Sneaking around the back door.
Don't stop chocking me till I hit the floor


Most people don't see the bar code on your head
Till you filled them with 40 rounds of lead
Killed a Russian general the other day
Make sure you get the right amount of pay


Just shot the president in the face
Gotta get out of this place
Oh no you just took the wrong turn
Now you're going to burn


A Lesson in Stupid - by Alex & Arthur

I just ate a slice of pie
Turned out everything I knew was alive
Forgot how and when I should sleep
I still remember the battle for Helm's Deep
Frogs will eventually inherit the world
Doesn't matter cause I never get the girl
Learned the meaning of Life and Love
I bought a lemon striped glove

Don't Listen to us
We'll screw up your thoughts
Maybe I should buy a pot...
of flowers
Nothing to do with anything at all.
like this song.

Went fishing in the sky
That was the day the music died
Attacked my teacher with a knife
Claustrophobia stole my wife
I was knighted by the queen of Spain
Oops I just soild myself a-gain
Licked the holes in my power outlet
We just realized our only fan is garrett


I was born a reverse vampire
I empalled myself on a flat tire.
Jimeny Cricket has nothing on me
Slit my wrists with Mr. T
Bought a pair of shoes at McDonald's
I guess I'll have to make a word like Gatronald
Used a coller to bust a move
This is how Stella lost her groove


I got a trophy for wearing pants
Stupid Michael Moore hats the slants
Once upon a time I killed many an orc
Im this matrix I can bend a fork
My guitar I bought for some dimes
I want to go to France and kill some mimes
Stupid Alex and his rules
Let's all go jump in a pools.
Dinner with Jesus -by Alex & Arthur

I remember when I was in school
I was too drunk t be cool
Never bothered to go to class
I cant even remember if I passed.
One day my luck ran out
drove off a bridge and never came out.
Maybe I shouldn't have tested fate
Now im with St. Peter at the gate.

Come on man, you got to let me in
I dont want to pay for my sins
Leave my human shell
I'm not going to hell!
Give me a chance,
I want a dinner with Jesus.

Jesus you know what drinking does
You had that wine that gave a buzz.
Wasn't my fault, on that I swear
it was my dad's fault he never cared
You would never find me in the pew
I was watching football and drinking brew.
Didn't spend too much time to kneel pray
Lived my life day by day.

Come on man, you got to let me in
I dont want to pay for my sins
Leave my human shell
I'm not going to hell!
Give me a chance,
comeon Jesus have mercy on me

Time for Jesus to decide my fate
How does my shitty life rate
Being good was my second priority
I'll probably end up in purgatory
Where everything is boring and white
Come on Jesus, show me the light
I wish I grew past maturity
now I'll pay for eternity...