All of a sudden a porthole opens...... as you get close to examine the Rift, it sucks you in.......then you awaken in the world of RIFTS® Earth.....


You are number to be rifted here.

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Rifts® is a Role Playing Game from Palladium Books. It mixes magic, psionics, and all of todays modern and futuristic technology into one. This page will be dedicated to Rifts® and other RPG's (Mostly Palladium's RPG).


I have made a Company/country that I am trying to work out the details. So check it out and post comments on my guestbook, or just email me.

I.C.E. Corp.


Below is the policy letter form Palladium Books. All Material Shown are works done for Rifts players and are Free.

Remember Rifts is a TradeMark of Palladium games, liscened and owned by Kevin Siembieda. All works done here are fictional and NONE of this is real.

Palladium's Internet Policies

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