To mah beloved E-Family,

Well itís official, the roller coaster ride we called the E-Family is finally over. About one year ago on New Years was the first party we threw at Orinda. Daym, one year ago. It seems like it was five years ago. To those who remembered the first back to back parties at my house, till it got too big, then to all the raves and parties we went to, till we were so unsatisfied with the standards of what other people called parties. That right there is how Orinda was born. I didnít think it could happen but we even got too big for Orinda. Daym, we put that city on tha map. I mean, they had city meetings about our house. During the Orinda parties I felt our activities accelerating and accelerating and I knew it was going to come to a boiling point.  It finally did when we threw that partyÖfuck thatÖwhen we threw that rave in Oakland.  We didnít even know where we were going to have it until an hour before we broke down the door to that warehouse. OH MY GOD. Not to be vain but the E-Family was known everywhere on the party scene as the one place for a guaranteed good time. Well, except for those peeps that had to get their asses beat. Hehe.
To get to the point of this letter is this. To all members of the E-Family, cousins and all, some I havenít spoken to in a while and some I speak to on a daily basis. I have no bad feelings with any of you. If some of you think that we are on bad termsÖ.weíre not. Anything bad that has happened has been forgotten. And to those I havenít spoken to or let alone visit. Please donít think that I donít care or that I donít think of you, cause I think of all of you everyday. When Iím driving along and Blue comes on the radio or when Iím in a store and smell Vicks or when I park at Paul's house and on the fence next to his house I see in spraypaint EFAMILY, it all comes back. The E-Family isnít my first group, in fact Iíve been though several, and because of that when we were in the middle of everything I tried to keep myself a little distant just cause of the fact that I knew it would end, just like all the others. I tried not to get too attached to any of you, because I knew that you all would leave me. I never asked to be the E-Daddy and I still donít have any idea how I became but I was. And I fell in love with all of you. I got attached and I miss you all terribly. Donít mistake this for a cry for help or anything, I donít want you all to call me tomorrow. I just thought that I should let you all know how I feel. A while back an E-Family member (you know who you are) asked me to bring it all back. It almost brought a tear to my eye cause this personÖwho is thought of to be pretty hard core, is looking at me with such sadness saying that they still had love for the E-Family and wanting me to bring it back. It was at that moment that I realized I wasnít the only one that missed everyone terribly. But I knew that even if I brought everyone back, it wouldnít feel the same. I would rather have the great memories of what we were than to have a bad reunion memory. I donít know. Maybe I will. Throw another party, that is. I just hope that everyone would go. Well Iím going to let you go now. Iím sure you read enough of my rambling. I just needed to let you all know that I LOVE YOU ALL and that if anyone needs anythingÖ.you only have to ask once.
By the wayÖI donít have everyoneís email address so if you still talk to peeps in the family, cause I know that we all branched out into our own groups, ask them if they got this letter. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. As the last wish of this E-Daddy is that everyone get this letter. It will be posted on our website also. ď ď so whomever you talk to or email make sure everyone gets this. Love ya. MWAHÖ.