Thee Hodads
Sheffield's most underground band.  No shows, no records!
Fortunately, that is all about to change..... with the release of the spanky new EP 'The Revenge of The Bubble Creatures!'.  A veritable melange of kick-ass yet humerous brown-core surf 'n' roll.

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Pure, incognito showmanship.
Personel includes the following:

The Hammerhead - (some people will go to any lengths to
                                avoid the attention of the fanatics)
The Grindstone Cowboy - (the name says it all,
                                           wouldn't you say?)

Minou the Minx - (our very own French Connection)

Clem Storm - (Pow, Bang, Bof, Zap!)

Hand reared on pontefract cakes and licqorice (originally a laxative, you know), thee hodads managed to exert sufficient bowel-control to launch a band and a half.
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Let's go round the back, and do the fudge-pack - Lyrics
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Very, very exciting news!

A brand new (well, within the last couple o' years) Sheffield recording label is in town (yes that is the same town that the name would imply).  Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation has already got an impressive selection of releases under its magnificently girthed belt, including single releases from such class acts as Thee Motherfuckers and Chuck.  Now a new record - their first long player is out, featuring tracks from some of Sheffield's cream of the bream -
GG Action
The Special Agents
Thee Motherfuckers
Texas Pete
And here's the best news -
Thee hodads have a secret track contained within the earthly delights o' the aforementioned deluxe disquette (to find out which one, you'll have to make the purchase, or ask someone else).  Visit site for details.