Welcome to Skemono's Abode!

Wow. Since someone actually found this site, and maybe even visits it, I should try to make it presentable. Though I don't know why anyone would look for this site, and especially not why they wouldn't just ask me for the address.... Well, maybe if they find out they can tell me.

Links to other, and quite frequently better, home pages.

Anime characters moonlighting.

A page about me... heh. As if anyone would ever want to come here.

Well, since I haven't much to put up here (or else I might have actually updated this section in the past few years), I'll finally put links up to the other sections that I have been working on... and which are what I usually show people that ask for my webpage address. Or what I would show them, at least, if anyone did ask.

A Javascript Hangman program that I wrote over the summer.

A checkers program I wrote over the summer.

A Sluggy Freelance-based version of checkers which I, again, wrote over the summer.

And finally, a section devoted to my on-line role-playing.

If someone figures out why anyone would visit this page, let alone look for it, feel free to e-mail me at