A quick, short FAQ to clarify any questions you might have about The Call. If there's something you think needs to be covered here, then email Holtmistress Sharra and we'll take care of that right away.

What is this holt about?

Hoo-boy! Trying to sum up this crazy puppy…

The time period of The Call is set around the Rogue's Curse era of the Elfquest comics, where elves are often thought of as spirit people, and the human population grows ever larger as they spread out across Abode. Due to this, the elves now live in smaller groups, usually ten at maximum. When a tribe gets too large, they typically split in half, one moving away from the other so that the elves are less easy to discover. It seems the humans aren't the only one that have had population growth…

So, some of these elves spread out across Abode start hearing what they refer to as 'A Call'-garbled sendings, faint urges to wander in a certain direction. These faint sendings come from a High One who was never freed from his cocoon when the Palace crashed. More or less, this holt is about a tribe of wanderer elves that gather others as they journey to find the slumbering Firstcomer, Riamis. There will be a lot of culture clashing, a lot of arguing, and it will become rather difficult to stay hidden from the humans as their numbers grow.

How do I join?

You can go here to find out how to join The Call. You'll find a Character Creation Guide and a list of Rules. There will be a blank CIS and where to send them linked to both of those pages. Study up on the things you find around the holt and then fill out your CIS. Note that not everyone will be accepted. (We're picky and rude that way around here.)

Writing samples are required if you plan to join. It can be anything you've written from another EQ holt, or just something you've made up. However, if you're applying to play an adoptable, a 'sample' post with that character will be needed before you're allowed to play.

All our actual roleplaying is done on Yahoo Groups at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theelfincall/

Do I have to know Elfquest to play?

Sorry to say it, but I'm afraid so. However, once you gain some familiarity with the series, we'd be happy to accept your application!

What kind of elf can I create?

The types of elves allowed are no different than the four races found in the original EQ. Gliders, sea-elves, Sun Folk, and Go-Backs. However, we're not accepting any more sea-elves at this time.