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8/5/01 - Ahhhhh, back from rugby camp at UC Berkeley.
What a trip. The first day, right after getting picked up from the airport and driven to the campus, who do we happen to see? None other than Derek "Cuba Libre" Jensen! Holy crap! What a great way to pass three hours...listening to Derek talk about "lasers". By the way Derek, that was a great shirt you had on. Just a tip, I wouldn't wear it again unless your trying to get a date at a gay bar. It was just a little too "fruity". There was a whole crap load o' people there. Nigel and I had the great experience of meeting a very large japanese kid who wanted to move to America because, and I quote: "The girls here are, you say?, looser." Good times.

7/9/01 - Sorry, it's been a long time since I've updated. Not much has happened. There are a few new entries to the guest book. I have a few questions about that....Who is "The Cynic"?  Is he British? Is that the reason he was upset? He seems to have something against "the Israelites"...I don't really understand. Was he angry at the Israelis? The people who live in Israel. Or was he angry at the Israelites, the tribe of Jews in the Bible? Please clarify this for me. The Cynic - if you read this, email me or sign the guest book with the answer to my questions. And by the way, do I know you? I didn't think anyone I didn't know had even seen this website. Thanks.
     Alas, no one has bothered to enter my Dumb Contest. I guess Paul will have to go dateless. Soon he will hit the bottle, hard.
     The new Tomb Raider movie is just what I expected. I have to give it this, it is the best movie adaptation of a video game i have ever seen. Think: Mortal Kombat 1 and 2, Street Fighter, and let's not forget the craptaculous Mario Brothers. But let's face it, I didn't see the movie because i thought it would win any awards. I saw it because Angelina Jolie wears little shorts and tight t-shirts in it. Let's be realistic. That is all.
6/17/01 - I got a GREAT Guestbook Entry from the infamous Sam Humphrey. 
You gotta read it.

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