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Welcome everyone to the website of  The S*ri*l Board

Here i will post news about The S*ri*l Board and maybe some more links for which i dont have room on the board.
So enjoy

One more thing if you have any critisism or any suggestions or if you have a site you think has a place on my links page e-mail me at :




21.9.02   : Just a few small changes nothing drastic. Added a tell a friend option and a poll in the desktop area please answer.
10.6.02   : It's remodeling time-
                 I have redesigned the site I have removed the logo sections because the contest is over and spiderman is the winner and you can
                 see his logo above. I renewed the links ection and added a new desktops section which will contain original desktops that i have
                 made. i hope you like the desktops and the general new design. I am thiking about adding some new sections to the page but they                        come later. Enjoy
7.5.02     : I have update the links section you shoudl all go and check it out.
14.3.02   : Its voting time - Go to the logos section and vote for your favorite logo for this site and it's board.
4.3.02     : 2 new logos posted. I still haven't figuered out how to get the voting for the logos to work so the date for the voting is still unknown.
18.2.02   : 3 new logos posted
16.2.02   : Happy Birthday to me
15.2.02   : 3 new logos posted and on the 22nd the sending of logos will end so post them now so you can get into the contest and from the 22nd there will be 3 weeks of voting to the logos.
5.1.02     : 2 New logos posted
1.1.02     : Happy New Year
20.12.01 : New logos posted.
17.12.01 : New logos posted.
16.12.01 : Links page is updated and back up with w*rez,s*ri*lz and other sites and a new logo posted.
15.12.01 : I have decided to start a logo competition for my board you are all welcomed to send me your logos for this board to they will be presented in the logos section below.
15.12.01 : I had to delete some of the links because the good ones were gone and because of the recent raids of the anti     piracy  authoretys. I will put them back up in a while when things will calm down.
13.12.01 : If the address of the board by cjb gets shut down I have made an alternative one which is
use it in a case of a 404 error from cjb

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