Bio Part 1
"The Wish" is the 1st episode she actually appeared in. Where Cordelia was mad at Buffy, and she was talking to the new girl, Anya. She blindly stated she wished buffy never came to Sunnydale. Anya, was an evil sorceress with the power to grant wishes. Cordelia thought she was a good fairy type person and within a split second, anya was gone, along with half the kids at school. Cordelia then walked into school and was happy that her old popular friends were nice to her again. After class, Cordelia asked to go to the Bronze, and her friends stared at her in disbelief, thinking it was a sick joke. "My curfew's in an hour." claimed one of the girls. Cordelia ran outside and finds Sunnydale a ghost town. She starts to walk home, telling everyone they need to find Buffy to make everything right.  On the way she met up with Willow and Xander who were hanging all over each other. Cordelia pouts, saying how even in an alternate demension Willow was with Xander. That's when they say she has a head start to run away. She starts down but Xander in vamp form chases her down. He's about to bite her, when the "White Caps" a.k.a Giles, Oz, Larry, and a girl named Nancy come and throw her into a van. Vamp Will and Xander go to the Bronze, which is now the newest Vampire hangout, and have a talk with The Master. They tell him about Cordy and how she was saying something about Buffy. Angrily he tells them to go kill her before she can bring a slayer in to ruin "the plant" that's going to happan the next night. Cordy is now awake and telling them to go get Buffy.  Suddenly Giles gets locked in the Book Cage and watches hopelessly as Xander and Willow kill Cordy. Larry and Oz then walk in, saying Nancy was killed in a Vampire Ambush. As they drag Cordy's body away, Giles sees the necklace that Anya had put on her neck and takes it. The vamps dissapear back to the Bronze and Willow begs to play with the "puppy." She goes to a cage and we all find out the "puppy" is Angel. She tortures him for awhile. It then shows that Giles called the Council and he sees that the necklace is of a demon named Anya. Vamps attack and then they are all suddenly killed as Buffy walks in. You can barely recognize her, for she is in dirty clothes and states "I don't work well with others" before she goes to the Bronze. She finds the Bronze empty except for the caged Angel. She lets him free and they go to the plant where the master is giving a speech about the future of blood drinking and about his machine. They take a girl and throw her into the machine, which sucks all her blood out into a container with he pours into a cup and drinks. As the assembly line starts, Angel and Buffy attack. Xander kills Angel, Buffy kills Xander, and Oz kills Willow. As the fight insues, Giles summons Anya and she threatens him before he grabs her necklace and starts to bring it down to smash it. She yells "how do you know the other world is better then this one" and he replys "it has to be" as he smashes the necklace. At the same moment it shows the Master and buffy squaring off, where he breaks her neck, killing her. Then in a flash, all is back to the beginning, where cordelia continues to rant on her wishes where Anya can only say granted yet do nothing without her necklace....

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