The Exorcist
(1973, Directed by: William Friedkin, Writer: William Peter Blatty (also novel)
Something beyond comprehension is happening to a little girl on this street, in this house. A man has been called for as a last resort to try and save her. That man is The Exorcist.

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 Reviews and Comments

"I found the film very frightening when it was released - although I have no belief in such things as possession, or devils etc - however my subconscious clearly does! - or, at least, the same basic fears and uncertainties that caused us (in my opinion) to create the whole structure of beliefs that make the film possible, exist in my mind. I wonder how people from a very different religious culture react to the film? I had a friend who saw it at the time, who was a Buddhist, and he found it extremely funny - laughed through the whole thing. 

There was something very deft, I think, about the staging of the film, and the acting, that has helped it survive. There also seems to be some sort of fear of the bad or corrupted child that resonates very much for us. I wonder if this would have been so in our culture before we, as it were, "invented" childhood - that is in our culture when it saw children as somewhat imperfect little adults who needed stern discipline in order not to be evil, rather than as a sort of variant of the innocent and wise Noble Savage, which is a view (although satirically expressed) which seems to obtain at present - to some extent."



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