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Where we are.
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“When the world has gone to Hell and all hope seems lost a saviour will emerge. One man will be given the power to save humanity from the rising forces of Hell and ultimate destruction. A man untainted by the hatred, greed and violence in the world. You are the last innocent…”

‘The Fallen Team’ is a 5-man unit of highly talented and enthusiastic individuals creating an original 2D shooting game for Game Boy Advance called ‘The Fallen’.

Over a ten-week period we have worked together to create a small demo as part of the ‘Dare To Be Digital’ competition run through Abertay University.

It takes the established old school game design and pure gameplay of classic shooting games such a R-Type, Robotron and Smash TV and brings them into the 21st century with a more mature design style and advanced game graphics.

We intend to create a game that will rival any on the Game Boy advance platform, in terms of technology and game design.

This is the first stage of our project.

Feel free to send any comments or suggestions to Kirk Johnston at thefallenteam@yahoo.co.uk

We hope you enjoy the free demo.


© The Fallen Team and Dare to be Digital 2002.