In the beginning, there was a wolf.  Her name was Kirik.  She was approached by a fae of similar darkness - a woman of darkness and wisdom.  With her, was a pup-child.  His name, was Tazendre of Limited Fate.  The fae's request was simple: Take this wolf, and make an evil out of him.

Kirik did not know, but ahead of both dame and pup, lay a difficult journey.  Tazendre was a star pupil, but was ambitious.  His future, she saw, would be a difficult one, clouded by death.  But the young wolf felt confident in his wisdom.  He would be fine.

Now, the two wolves, separated and rejoined by time, have brought their forces together, against a common enemy: Dark Soul before Deliverance, and her gang: The Lost....  They and their wills of iron will crush the opposing clan, and rule unchallenged once more.

You have heard this legend many times, twisted, and made fancier by the passing of time.  Tazendre, and dame Kirik intrigue you: you want to learn what you can about them, and perhaps help their cause, if you see it fit for you.

The land ahead of you is blanketed in snow.  Inside a dense forest, are many ill-marked paths. The wolves here clearly travel via a strange sixth sense - for smell, sight and hearing obviously have little hold in this unholy terrain.  You have a choice: attempt to find your way, and risk slow and painful death, or turn back now, while you're still in open Hunting land.

The choice is yours: Continue?  Or Turn Back?


Background thanks to WolfySilverSonic, copyright WSS 2003