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Fire Arm Reaction Team News

Perfect Alliance Reopened (again)4/30/02

Stabile has decided to take controll of his leadership given by omi of the P.A. Stabile is setting forth and re-opening the Perfect Alliance once again as an effort to gather malitia to rid the boards of the Lone Commander [Marking] Faction. Stabile claims the idea will work and is very good. Only time will tell if this ends up like the last flop efforts to reopen the Perfect Alliance once again.


The T.L.C.F., or better known as, The Lone Commander Faction, has been causing many disruptions among the Perfect Dark Social Board. With Commanders moderate, go lucky, buisness he has managed to cause many flame wars lately at the boards. While he claims him and his team, are cleaning up the boards, he manages, nothing but kayos. Commander is a very "disliked" person on the Perfect Dark Social Board, on Gamefaqs, and has caused many past disturbances such as this one. Chances are that this Faction May very well become an Enemy of the F.A.R.T. More Updates as the News comes. If you have any questions on this article contact me at the following E-Mail

Last Months Poll3/20/02

Last months poll which was "What System Do you Currently Play the Most?" recieved a total of 22 votes and the statistics are as follows, 14 % said the Nintendo 64, 5% said the Playstation, 27% said the Playstation 2, 18% said the dreamcast, 27% said the Gamecube, and 9% said other. Which leaves the Gamecube and the PS2 at a cold tie. As of now, the new poll is down, I will get to it sometime soon, asap.

Arguments at PDS: PROUD PD VETS3/20/02

In recent news, a PDS poster Cell Block attempted bringing life to the boards by speaking up about the way Perfect Gamer Ran his sig club "THE PROUD PD VETS" and attempting to split the sig club, half his, half pg's. There was a huge argument over everything, kayos exploded and in my oppinion, Cell Block did put PDS in a more active stance overall. After everything went down, Cell Block Admited to his purpose and was not flamed and disrespected to badly. In the end everything was cool between PG and CB. Thanks for your time, If you have any questions on this update, email me at

F.A.R.T.'s First RPG : Operation Reeves3/10/02

Thats right, The Fire Arms Reaction Team has finally broken loose with there First RPG, "Operation Reeves". Though " Operation Reeves" has not officially started yet, positions are sure to fill up fast with its complex story line and extensive arsonal of weapons. You can visit the RPG right HERE.

Spreading through the Boards (update)2/24/02

Our attempts to spread have been very successful, we have made connections with the SSBSB and such, Though when ClayPidgon2 Posted a sign up topic at the *Zelda Social Board* The Users Responded with a Uproar demanding us to go away. The ZBSers Expressed there Extreme immaturity by insulting us as newbies, repeditly mocking us, and insisting that our intelligence level is the lowest they have ever seen, just over one typo. All because, our courteous members at F.A.R.T. headquarters wanted to offer an alliance and help out there boards. There was a complete uproar at the Perfect Dark Social board also, F.A.R.T. member ClayPidgon2 created a false topic claiming that the ZBSers claimed war on the F.A.R.T., later this was cleared up though. SuicideBomber01, saw what this was causing, this was causing a war over what we had been created to prevent, so he made the best choice in the book, and called his troops to fall back. If you have any questions or comments on this news briefing or any other part of my site, just contact me through email at

  Download of the week!

Quake II *demo*(38 mb)

In Quake II, you play a marine: one of the few, the proud, and in this case the incredibly annoyed. While you were on your way to invade an alien planet, alien forces sent out an electromagnetic pulse that caused your stealth fightercraft to plummet into hostile territory where you've got to shoot your way to survival. Quake II is the sequel to the popular Quake, and this time it's got better graphics, new weapons, improved audio, and smarter enemies. These creatures don't just run toward you when they see you--shoot at them, and they shoot back; they also duck, turn, and hide.





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