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Welcome to THE Final Fantasy VI Page. The place, which
holds everything about FF6 you'll ever want to know.


Latest news and updates:

February 16 - 2009
First update in five years. The stats reveal that nobody ever visits this site, which makes me so sad. I removed all of the links in the links section, since the places they were linking to are long gone. Also, I found out that this site looks even more horrible in Firefox than i IE. Oh, well.

January 13 - 2004
Long time no see. Minor update.


March 19 - 2003
I just can't stop updating. Added a new section, the Japanese section,
with alot of dandy info about the original Japanese version. The section
is still far from finished, though, so watch this space.

March 17
- 2003
Two updates within 24 hours? "No way", I can hear you all shout.
But you better believe it. The ultimate Sub-Quest, the Cursed Shield
has been added, including stats for the Paladin Shield in the Equipment-section.

March 17
- 2003
Made a few additions to the World section and added some
new pictures that look much more impressive than the old ones.

August 9
- 2002
Added a new link and descriptions for the other links.

May 16 - 2002
Finally made a links-section! There are only a few links now, but
that's not an excuse not to check them out.

April 27 - 2002
Added the IAF to the World section.

April 26 - 2002
Replaced the old "Home" page with this news section. Updated info on
Illumina on Equipment page and re-wrote Fun-Stuff. Also made the picture
above a lot smaller.

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