Fiddle Fire

A Tribute to Martie Seidel

"We were on our way to the street corner one day and the Little Feat song 'Dixie Chicken' came on the radio. [...] We decided to call ourselves Dixie Chicken, [...] then we shortened it to Chix. [...] We finally decided on Dixie Chicks."

Martie In New Orleans 10.29.00


"I love being able to play a straight-ahead country tune and then rip into a bluegrass number, then a blues song. To me, that's what's fun about this group."


"Martie wanted to join the Spice Girls, but when they told her she was too talented, she joined us!"
- Natalie Maines

The Latest on the Chicks...

"More Metal"

Fly has almost reached the Diamond mark, and Wide Open Spaces has been certified 11x Platinum!

Fiddle Fire News & Updates

06.27.01 - Hi everyone! (If anyone still comes here, GOD BLESS YOU!) I've created 4 other websites that I really want to focus my time and energy on, so I have made the decision to make this site ARCHIVAL. If I find other interesting pictures, stories, etc. I will come and add them, but there will be no daily updates. Thanks for understanding!


Feel free to IM me (AOL: nashvillechick00) or e-mail me at with any comments on the site. And if you have time, you can sign The FlameBook! I put a page about my trip to Fan Fair 2000 on the site, so go check that out, too! Also, if you take anything from my site, PLEASE e-mail me and ask me before you put it on another website. Some of the things here I made, so I would really appreciate it if you asked first! Thank you!

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Sonya Isaacs

I'd like to introduce everyone to the next big star of country music! Her name is Sonya Isaacs, and she is a good friend of my friend Rebecca. She has the most beautiful voice; she's my new favorite country singer! Go to my Sonya site!
Click on Sonya's picture to go to her official website.
Go to today and buy Sonya's self-titled debut CD from Lyric Street Records!

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Thank You....

- NicChick for lending me pictures and thanks for letting me link your board!

- Michelle for that awesome pic of Martie and Ricky from Indy!

- Kerry, Holly, and Emily for linking my site!

- To and every other site who has or will ever feature my site!

- To everyone at WNOE New Orleans! Everyone at that radio station is so nice and there is not one person that I don't like! (Well, maybe Becca, but.... *hehehehe* You know I luv ya!) Go see for yourself and go listen to WNOE, 101.1 New Orleans, live right now! Listen to my friend Rebecca Lynn (the 4th SHeDAISY Daisy, baby!), Ray Romero, and "Crazy" Eddie Edwards (The Breakfast Flakes), Les Acree (the Grinch that stole Becca's toffee *lol*), Sherry Thomas, Mary Steele, Bruce Alan, and Johnny Geaux!
A special hello to Miss Joyce because she really is "too blessed to be stressed"!

- Thanks especially to my REAL favorite Chicks, Becca and Wendee! THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything ya'll have done for me! Ya'll are the coolest chicks I know, even if you don't play instruments. Wait... sorry Becca. *hehehe* Becca: Sonya rocks! If SHeDAISY doesn't accept you, tell them I called it next! *hehehehe* Thanks for letting me meet SHeDAISY @ CP2K! Wendee: "Oh my Gawd, Wendee, look what Martie threw me!" You are so cool and I love your hair! Remember we have to crash the CMAs! And I'm still waiting to hear that tape of you and Rebecca singing "Fancy" at the Flake Family Christmas! I'm lucky to be able to call you two my friends. Love ya'll!

2000 Courtney.

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