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kumusta ka na! ^-^ pasok pasok! LOL, welcome to the *inline home of TFC! *the filipino crew! ^-^ yeup yeup, the name is pretty self-explanitory now! ^-^ so you don't have to think: "WTF?! THE FILIPINO CHANNEL?!" hahaha... no. =P hehehe, okey, so yeah! if you are a kaibigan we hope you keep on coming here for more updates en have fun looking around! but if you're just a damn hater you might as well leave NOW because we don't appreciate haterz aite? if you're hating on us then why are you ever here in the first place?! errr, so yeah, back to those who DO lab us! ^-^ have fun en be good!


okey, the name TFC *meaning: the filipino crew* had been made up long ago by jing! so it was newly put to use by these 5 friends *in alphaghetto order*: christian *dorkass*, jenalyn *jing*, megan *megra*, julie ann *ja ja*, en ron *moRON*. it was all jing's fault! LoL because you see... this little crew reminded her of her older sister's *jan* crew called "D2D" ^-^ en so jing thought that we should have a crew name! en since she's been wanting to use the name "TFC" she brought that name up! en so now...yeh...pretty much predictable ain't it? hehehehehe, jes look at da name of this site! muahahaha! hehe, LoL. spiffy eh? well actually...we're still not sure...cuz SUMWHUN *coffdorkasscoff* won't tell dem bout us being called TFC >=0
///okey, it's official, we're TFC ::glares @ ching ching for tayken so long to tell dem:: xP! haha, k, yeh...das it! ^-^
so now...jing made a site!
1. because she was bored
2. because she wanted to
en 3. because she was bored! ^-^
having fun yet? LoL anywaiiz, here's the really boring stuff...

site on--> geocities
used to create--> ACTUAL HTML! adob0 photoshop 7.0
skribble booky--> alxnet
site designed en layouts created by--> jing jing
released--> 6.5.2oo2.

name--> christian
aKa--> dorkass, christian *in FOB accent* ^-^, ching ching
age--> 15
lives in--> ghetto ass national city *san diego*, cali.
birthday--> o8.13
boi or grrl--> boi
lubsh status--> single
grade en school--> 9ther @ SUHi.

jenalyn <--name
jing jing, jlyn <--aKa
14 <--age
erkful chula vista *san diego*, cali. <--lives in
o2.o7 <--birthday
grrl *DUH ER!* <--boi or grrl
wifey'd by justin <--lubsh status
9ther @ ORHS <--grade en skool

name--> julie ann
aKa--> ja ja, julie, bling bling
age--> 14
lives in--> ghetto ass national city *san diego*, cali.
birthday--> uh..CHiNG! 0_o;;
boi or grrl--> grrl
lubsh status--> single [as far as i know]
grade en school--> 9ther @ SUHi

megan <--name
ming ming, meg, nut meg ,megra <--aKa
14 <--age
ghetto ass national city *san diego*, cali. <--lives in
o9.10 <--birthday
grrl <--boi or grrl
undefined<--lubsh status
8th grader @ nation city m.s <--grade en skool

name--> ron
aKa--> ronjustin, arjay, r.j, moron, ring ring
age--> 14
lives in--> ghetto ass national city *san diego*, cali.
birthday--> o9.o5
boi or grrl--> boi
lubsh status--> taken by JASMiNE [as far as i know]
grade en school--> 9ther @ SUHi

christian-->`jenalyn, `megan, `julie, patricia, marynell, `MOron. cyrene, diana, valerie, nicole, jesha, diane, camille, leomar, brian, brett, alan, richard.

jenalyn--> dorkass, ja ja, nut meg, moron, muh family, kuya danny, kuya cj, kuya frank, kuya james, kuya jon, p0p tarDs & FRUiTABLES, karla, tiff, febbie, ading elma, jordan, Ate Kat, rheena, rhobert, chris [HAWAii], richard, tom // all mai other friends out there! *yeuh, simp0 ayE? hehe*

julie ann--> um...din't get her's yet

megan--> dun hab her's yet either

ron--> prolly never gonna get hys since he sux cuz he can't go *inline! LoL