the firefly reflex
hi! we are the firefly reflex (formerly known as selfstorage, screaming saturday, and after dark) and this is our excuse for a webpage, yay us.

we are an up and coming emo/punk band. as far as influences go, it's a little early in our music making to be sure, but we are opting for meaningful lyrics backed by fast paced guitars. we are currently in the process of writing music of our own, so hopefully we'll be rocking your socks off very soon.

so take the time to look around, check us out, and drop us a line if you feel so inclined. rock on.

last night at the pit was amazing. ragdoll radio, the skanktronics and the merkurs all did very well. so it got us to thinking of the band again, and jordan and mer ended up writing "10 cents a pop" last night, and this morning alex and mer wrote "life on the mississippi." they're both pretty good, so hopefully we'll be able to get rough recordings of them on the site soon. in the meantime, check out our songs/lyrics page for the new set list and the lyrics.

from now on alex will be playing bass and meredith will sing.

we FINALLY got at least part of the band together on the 21st to try and work out the whole music issue. there are lots of new pics of alex and mer..please go look at them. 

things have finally picked up a bit here towards the end of the year (i'm working on the compulsive rhyming..sorry) starting with the fact that the firefly reflex has been added to the links page on ragdoll radio's website. that's very cool..seems stupid, but great thanks goes out to the  girls of ragdoll radio.

NOVEMBER 2: so you know if i had anything to write about i'd update this page much more often, but i've come to the realization that no one has visited this thing in about a month and a half..and that's sad. steph and i saw the b team and the juliana theory yesterday at peabody's..the b team is so great, i highly recommend checking out their show if you can. if you want to know more about them i've put a link up on the links page, go figure. okay, that's all for now..keep rocking.

good god, am i slow or what. i haven't touched this site all summer and it's all dusty and rusty and please help me i'm rhyming so i'll stop. basically meredith, which happens to be myself, finally got off of her lazy ass to throw some long anticipated pictures onto the site and add a few more links and the like. i'm sure the rest of the firefly reflex will be thrown into fits of ecstacy when they find out what i've done..teeheehee. thank you to the cool person that wrote us an email, it made my day to be able to answer it, so thanks! okay, have fun with all of the new shtuff, i'll try and keep this up better than i have been, though with school it's just so hard. okay, peace out.
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