Piccolo's Shrine
Last Updated: October 4, 2002

Insight's Piccolo Shrine

Welcome to my Piccolo shrine! Now go away!
No, seriously. Shrine's closed. I mean, I'll leave up everything I have...but I'm done with this. I know, I know, it sucks to see signs like this, but I've been working for a year on a great new layout...only to realize...I really don't care anymore. Sorry. I'm in college now, I've moved on, and "amazing" as it is to write, I don't really care about Dragon Ball Z anymore, or Piccolo.
Sorry for any "dissapointments", though I hope by this point I've lost all my faithful visitors...since, uh, yeah...it's been years since I updated.
Thanks for the laughs and visits and supports, guys. Enjoy what's left; it's not that special, but for the few first-timers that still frequent this place, maybe you'll find something new...although, considering this is DBZ...it's highly doubtful.
So, this is Insight, signing out.

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    Well, that's everything for now. See you later, I hope! E-mail me, if you so desire. ^_~

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