The Fitch

My Nephew and his dog "Bart" take a moment for a picture with the doughboy

A subway rider is hypnotized by the doughboy!

Co-worker Laura takes a moment for a picture with the dougboy.

The doughboy and I take some time to rough-up the office bear

The secret service question the doughboy on the White House lawn.

Manny, Theo and the Doughboy bumming around in Oregon.
I didn't even know they were friends!

The Doughboy waves in support of Napster Company founder Shawn Fanning .

The Doughboy doesn't like the shifty look in the eyes of accused U.S. Spy, Robert Philip Hanssen.

Hell, if you were standing by those two, you'd be smiling too!

Grrrr...Don't mess with us!

The Dougboy meets an unexpected friend on Mars

Dan Rather uses his "resources" for a breaking story

Nothing else needs to be said

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"I don't know much. But, when I do know something, I like to be right!"