The Truth About Water Fluoridation

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Solution to Pollution? Drink it!

The phosphate fertilizer industry would like to thank you for volunteering your body as a hazardous waste disposal site.

Fluoride and the Fat Man

Is it okay for your neighbors to tell you which medications to take? Even if it’s a majority of your neighbors?

Amazing Cancer Cure

Incredible but true story of how a 1990 study produced a definitive link between fluoride and cancer–and how a panel of health department bureaucrats altered the findings in a last-ditch effort to rescue water fluoridation.

Ineptitude, Exaggeration and Sometimes Fraud

What about all those studies showing dramatic drops in cavity rates? You may be surprised to discover that the science actually shows fluoride in the water doesn’t fight cavities.


EPA White Paper

Position statement written by the vice president of the EPA Professional’s Union, explaining why these 1500 of the country’s leading toxicologists are opposed to water fluoridation


Here's the return on your investment with water fluoridation

This special to the Standard Examiner dispels the myth that fluoride in the water is essential for children’s teeth. The statistics don’t back it up. Did you know that unfluoridated Utah has had the best teeth in the nation while the most heavily fluoridated areas have some of the worst teeth in the nation?

Scandalous Silence

Have you ever noticed how the Health Department claims all the science in the world is on their side, yet when invited to a debate they never come? This Salt Lake Tribune editorial poses some embarrassing questions your for which your Health Department has no answer.

Fluoridation Proponents Misled Utahns

The CDC and ADA, two of the biggest promoters of fluoridation, have now admitted that fluoride’s benefits are topical–meaning it has to come into contact with the teeth (like when you brush your teeth) to be effective. Swallowing it does no good, and baby formula should never be made up with fluoridated tap water. Another excellent Tribune editorial.

What’s in the Water?

The Salt Lake Tribune has confirmed for itself that they are indeed using the industrial waste product as a fluoridating agent. It’s very different from the stuff in your toothpaste, it’s loaded with heavy metal contamination, and it’s never been tested for human consumption. The FDA has never approved any claims that this waste product fights tooth decay.

Prominent Scientists Opposed – Mullenix

Dr. Phyllis Mullenix was a research scientist at the Forsyth Dental Center. She thought fluoride was just fine. She found the prospect of studying fluoride’s effects on the brain to be somewhat boring since she was certain there would be no findings. But there were effects. The last ten years have seen many studies linking fluoride to a plethora of brain effects including hyperactivity and lower IQ in children.

Prominent Scientists Opposed – Limeback

Hardy Limeback is Canada’s leading dental researcher. Until recently, he was also the country’s leading promoter of fluoridation. Read his reasons for changing his mind.

Prominent Scientists Opposed – Colquhoun

John Colquhoun was the Principal Dental Officer of Aukland, New Zealand. He was a big promoter of water fluoridation until he set off on a world-wide data gathering tour that he believed would prove once and for all the benefits of fluoride. He was shocked to find that the opposite was true. Read in his own words why he changed his mind on water fluoridation.

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