The Foam Rubber consists of the following:

-Jeff Bogdan - guitars, vocals
-Matt Kotheimer *New Member* - drums, vocals
-Gary Murfee - guitars, vocals
-Soter Nomikos - guitars, vocals, modern dance
-Randy Reeger - bass, vocals
-Dan Kotheimer - piano/organ, imitation horns, vocals

andyAndy plays bass. Click on Andy's head to see his images!
jeffJeff sings and plays rhythm guitar. Click on Jeff's mug to see his pics!
GaryGary plays lead guitar. Click on Gary's head to check out his pics!

soterSoter plays guitar and rubber chicken. Click on his head.
Dan Dan plays keyboards. Click on Dan's head for more info!
Matt is our new drummer as of July 2002.  He is also Dan's brother!

"Foam Rubber is the best band in the entire world!!" 
-- David Manning of the Ridgefield Press/Sony Productions 

various rubber

"these guys are low budget rock and roll"
-the Chicago Tribune

Foam rubber is a rock and roll band that plays a wide variety of music such as: Elvis, Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Dead, Phish, Train, Cake, Jimmy Eat World, Los Lobos, and the Clash as well as many original numbers.

alohaFoam rubber plays in and around the city of Chicago.

-Fronting the band is Jeff Bogdan.
His hobbies include: Drinking beer, playing softball, and laying around.

- Gary. What a good lad he is. Some of his hobbies include: Watching the history channel, drinking beer and swimming.

-Andy Riegler is the bass player. All around wise guy. Andy enjoys sleeping, listening to the radio and playing rock and roll as well as drinking beer.

"good rock music through a very unorthodox style"
-the Chicago Sun Times
-Soter is a good man. he enjoys costume apparel, driving fast, and drinking beer or whiskey.

- Dan is our keyboard player. He frightens children. He also enjoys watching TV and eating popcorn. Sometimes he drinks a lot of beer.


One of the great features of Foam Rubber is that they will play any gig no matter how big it is!!

"they might not be very attractive guys, but they rock!"
-the Chicago Defender

-Most importantly, there are no "egos" in this band. They are just a bunch of guys looking to entertain people and have some laughs. "Whether it's through loud rock and roll, bad jokes or foolish on-stage antics, the Foam Rubber will never let you down!!"
-the trading times

Thanks for everyone's
support. We love you all!!

the Foam Rubber

Ex band members:

CatfishRich no longer plays lap steel guitar with us. But click on his fat head anyway!

FringoFormer member Paul left the band in July 2002 with no hard feelings.  Although, he may have been right in saying that Foam Rubber is a dead horse that should be put to rest.

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