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Altaira and Robby the Robot
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Altaira and Robby the Robot
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Altaira and Robby the Robot
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Altaira and Robby the Robot
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Altaira and commander J.J Adams
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Set of 1956 color Lobby Cards

Set of 1956 color Lobby Cards

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Dr Morbius and Robby the Robot
United Planets Cruiser C-57 D
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Walter Pidgeon ( Dr Morbius )
Anne Francis ( Altaira ) 
Leslie Nielsen ( commander Adams )
And introducing Robby the Robot.
Screenplay by Cyril Hume. 
Inspired from Shakespeare's play "The Tempest"
Based on a story by Irvin Block and Allen Adler.
Electronic Tonalities by Louis and Bebe Barron.
Directed by Fred McLeod Wilco.
Produced by Nicholas Nayfack.

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In 1954 "Metro Goldwyn Mayer" began a
magnificent project, destined to set a new 
standard for Science-fiction and Fantasy films. 
Originally called "Fatal Planet" the project was 
retitled "FORBIDDEN PLANET" which was felt 
to have more box-office appeal. Lavishly 
expending time, money and effort, the film 
makers determined to make it the super-
production of this neglected genre, with
beautiful sets, intricated miniatures, startling 
special effects, and an outstanding cast headed 
by a notable new star. He wasn't born, he was 
Built! His name was "ROBBY the ROBOT". 
He would retain his popular appeal long after 
many of his human stellar contempories were 
forgotten. After two years of production MGM
had created something really unique. Yes, 
so unique in fact that the studio's music 
department was at loos to know how to score
the film. Using no orchestra instruments and 
only the sounds emitted by cybernetic circuits,
the score actually launched the era of electronic 
music on film. Louis and Bebe Barron created a 
unique and compelling score. Today it remains
as lushly surprising, as fresh and inventive as 
when it burst upon the screen. It still carries us 
through the wonder, charm and terror of the
"Planet Altair IV".

The story takes place in the far future with the
crew of the United Planets Cruiser C-57D 
on a mission to Altair IV in search of survivors
from a previous expedition. There, they 
encounter the mysterious Dr Morbius and his
beautiful daughter Altaira, the only remaining 
survivors of the spaceship Bellerophon which 
had landed on the planet twenty years earlier. 
Dr Morbius warns commander J.J Adams and his 
men not to remain on Altair IV for fear that they will
fall victim to the same mysterious force which had
annihilated the Bellerophon expedition years 
before. Altaira never having seen another man in
her life other than her father is quite pleased with
the company of the C-57D crew and finds herself 
attracted to commander Adams. Dr Morbius, 
meanwhile, shows the crew the remains of a 
highly advanced civilization known as the Krell,
whose technology he has been able to utilize in 
the creation of a household robot servant 
"Robby the Robot" as well to enhance his own
brain capacity. It is discovered that in so doing, 
he had released the dark side of his subconscious 
or ID in the form of an invisible creature with an 
insatiable lust for death and destruction. Now, 
after having been dormant since the destruction 
of the Bellerophon, Dr Morbius subconscious ID 
monster has been re-awakened and commander
Adams must then defend his ship and crew from
the irresistible force which now threatens their 
existence and make Dr Morbius come to terms 
with the evil side of his nature.