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Posted on 5/4/2004 by FoReVeRs

 O well...we have left this site untouched for quite a long while shortly after it was set up. So far we have picked a few good games during the time so updates should be expectable in the future. By the way, thanks to web master-Cornelius for the new domain name.

Posted on 4/9/2003 by FoReVeRs

 Scheduled update.

Posted on 4/1/2003 by FoReVeRs

 Clansite is up lol.


Posted on 4/5/2004 by WiLSoN_FoReVeR

[HAESL]_Cool and another noob from HK "You cant play without cheating lol"

Well I can't help laughing when I recall my memory, it all began in the map Flughafen when I play MOH this morning, as usual there always r some noobs keep coming out from the same place after they get killed and the "that noob" (hmmm...I can't remember his name) was 1 of them, that guy and [HAESL]_Cool then blamed me for sharking (kinda trick that hides player's body underground but the sharker still has normal view).

Now listen up dudes, heres the funny part: I stopped sharking then walked around the base to look for targets far away to snipe. Somehow that 2 axis stupids showed up on the rooftop far away facing the allies camp site and I sniped each of them for at least 3times, I kept using the sound taunt: This is too easy!!!...and then they kept quiet for the time remainning untill next map.

The next map Druckkammern was even better for me to "shark and snipe" since the map is seperated by a U-boat dock and there are only a few narrow ways to pass through it. Again I sniped many of them, at that moment I think the HK noob was irate since he tried to swear at me by exhausting his little understanding of english:

"1234567 I feel sorry you sorry can't play without cheating." He said to all when I sniped him. (Well I don't quite see what he meant AHAH but I could imagine he hated me very much lol.)

And then I said, "U dun ve to feel sorry 4 being killed so many times, rather I should feel sorry 4 killing this brainless fool so many times lol." After a sec, he left without a word. MuuuAAAHHHAAAAHHHHH.

Remember, game is just for fun, not worth going beyond it.

Posted on 4/25/2003 by WiLSoN_FoReVeR


This rookie kept on sending fleets to my base and I sank his ships one by one lol, all he knew was ships, no air support, except a few monks but my ships were all in the shelter of temples after I noticed the existence of storms. He did launched a few times of massive navy attacks, nevertheless, my fleets were obviously far superior to his short ranged boats (My B. ships 8+4 range/his B. ships 8 range with high HP) He misunderstood the use of low-speeded battleships (though you aimed to improve it, 12+2(from game)+2(from civ)=16, it's not too useful and it wastes pts in both civ and B. ship improvement variety). They should stand straight guard for defense use with long ranged cannons or either arrange them into horizontal row before launching attack), if not they will just be targets for shooting before they can counter.

Besides, this stupid tasked his ships through the narrow strait (left hand side of the map, between two midway islands) to attack me where I organized a large numbers of boats at the end of it. I could clearly see my ships sinking his "shaking" ships lol as his large and slow B. ships caused jam in travel.

Apart from that, all my AA guns were left idle lol as he didn't launched any bombing attack while my aircrafts destroyed his library wonder, hard hit his coliseum wonder and killed quite a lot of his citizens without any counter from his AA guns (of cause I set the path without passing through his front)

Typical respond of rookies "base hug"...when he said that, my fleets already destroyed his settlements on the islands between us and all his fleets were completely destroyed.

By the time when I was about to carry out my traditional strategy "naval containment and massive missiles attack", he resigned lol 11xN


lol I just discovered that I killed this stupid the other day lol but i can't remember whether he said shit when he lost lol 11

Posted on 4/10/2003 by WiLSoN_FoReVeR

LeGenDoFIYIe "The Second Asshole"

This dude probably thought that he could beat spanish with persian...

As usual, fags say shit when they lose lol

Posted on 4/2/2003 by RiVeRGoD_FoReVeR

Yes we also have an asshole for the day! So don't be silly and prevent yourself from being posted here.

Seidarcu "The First Asshole"

This player promised to synch me and Wilson, and boy he did synched us. He said the map Oasis Fun Gold is a cheat map. What a damn rook! See the transcript in game room boasting hes exploits of synching us.

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Posted on 4/1/2003 by RiVeRGoD_FoReVeR

Friends or foes who has made it to the upper echelon of gaming society ;)

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Posted on 4/1/2003 by RiVeRGoD_FoReVeR

All the title holder for the Asshole of the Day is listed here. Check it out often, you might be next hehe!

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Posted on 4/1/2003 by RiVeRGoD_FoReVeR

Welcome to our Image Gallery!
Kraken - Blade of Atlantis (One of my favorite collection of fantasy daggers) - RiVeRGoD

Posted on 4/1/2003 by WiLSoN_FoReVeR

MSZ-006 Gundam Zeta


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