*There lies a large, lush valley, one that no human has seen. Within that valley is a cool, dense forest that never turns brown and dead, but always green, forever green. Out of the woods, a golden palimino trots up to you and dips her head with respect* Hello my friend, Welcome to The Forevergreen! My name is Salutations. Please come in and have a look around *she canters through the trees and you can now see a hidden path leading straight to the center of the woods. Will you follow her to a horse haven?*
**Follow Salutations to the Forevergreen**
This game and everything on it is copyright 2002 to Zoe Wallace. All images were created by her for this game and can not be used or reproduced without her permission. The original Forevergreen was created by someone else, this is a re-make of the game Zoe played in and loved, however their images were not used and the game has been changed slightly. Please enjoy it, but heed the copyright!