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6/27/2006 Aira

I have added the logs of the Children of the Light hitting Falme to the Chronicles of War and updated the Clan Roster and Hall of Eternity. Also the Commendations section was updated and the Stories section now features four roleplaying logs.

9/7/2005 Halfhand

I have added Commoner's Guide to the Light and Time to Build an Army to the Library Vault. I have also added Prophecies of the Dragon to the Annals of Knowledge.

7/27/2005 Halfhand

Knife of Dreams Prologue has been added to the Annals of Knowledge section.

5/22/2005 Halfhand

Updated the Hall of Eternity with some new names.

9/25 Halfhand

So, I'm now in college, meaning that the site will be updated less and less. Which is why I would really like volunteers to help maintain the site. Hint hint. Anyway with any basic HTML skills will be appreciated.

8/30 Halfhand

I've added some more comics. Note that I have changed the format a little, allowing you more easy navigation. I've also fixed the 600x800 resolution view, so the site should now be fully functional.

8/16 Halfhand

The site is officially done, except for some slight format for 600x800 resolution. Any broken links, missing pictures, etc, please report in the handy URLs on the bottom of each page.

6/4 Halfhand

For you HTML freaks, I've overhauled the coding, changed the old-fasioned table layout to division float with css. In other words, I changed the looks and handling of the site. Bear with me for a couple weeks as the site begins to slowly transition.


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