- Lisa & Adam are getting married! -
Nine years ago, two high school students at Erindale Seconday School in Mississauga signed up for a grade 12 general-level gym class. One was a grade 13 student looking for an easy course happy coupleto fill his timetable rather than a spare. The other was a grade 11 student looking for something fun in her full timetable. Little did these two kids know that it would be the most crucial twist of fate in their lives.
       Adam and Lisa's relationship has had its ups and downs in the past, but since returning to each other five years ago, they knew they were destined to be together forever. In 2003 they travelled to the far side of the world together and lived in Brisbane for the year. Both studying to become teachers, they enjoyed everything Australia had to offer. the proposalThis amazing experience further strengthened their bond. After returning to Canada, and being forced to live apart, they knew they had to make a change. Lisa and Adam found a place together, and settled into their teaching careers in Toronto and Peel.
       On August 10, 2005, in a downpour of hail under a shaky blue tarp in the middle of Algonquin Park, Adam proposed to Lisa. She said yes (several times). And so began their path towards married life together. That path will come to an end on August 25, 2006. However, this will merely be the beginning of a journey that will last their lifetime.
       Lisa and Adam look forward to sharing their wedding day with you at the beautiful Bob Rumball Manor. A fully catered reception will follow the ceremony, and the bar will be open! There are only