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News:UPDATED 05/17/03
go get it!!!
This will be the last update for a while.  If you don't know by now, we, the fragments have broken up.  Thanks for the fun times.  Check out the old shows pages to see if you remember the shows.  I don't remember all of them, but man, there is a lot in a 3 year window.  Anyway, we recorded 11 songs last weekend for what will be our nail in the coffin cd.  It will contain every song we ever recorded (that hasn't appeared on a previous release) we rerecorded some new versions of songs from the do the math tape, and they will be on there, the ones didn't redo we will put on the cd, along with possibly a live show if we can squeeze it on.  All in all, looking at maybe 30 songs in reverse time order...make sense...the next time I update this will be when the cd is ready to go.

This site will remain up, and will remain checked.  Be sure to check out the other/new projects that the fragments are involved with.....

Holy Shit!
The Boos
Jeffrey Caissie & The Beatrats
The catholic boys
Total Boring
The Thistles

and I am sure there are a million more to come.

take care.

-Jeffrey, Andy & Eric.