April 5th, 2004

ƒ -   Added the first three tracks from Franchises second album. Click on the music link, download the track and enjoy.

December 26th, 2003

ƒ -   The site is staggering to life. The first thing that will be coming to the site is upcoming show listings which will be under the events button. So now can you look here for all your needed information on the guys upcoming shows. The next item of business will be the availability of the first six cuts from the guys next CD. Postal will be a fanboard section where fans can come to interact with one another. For information regarding the Franchises first release you can e-mail us at thefranchiseband@yahoo.com. The cost is five dollars plus one dollar shipping and handling.
December 25th, 2003

ƒ -   Welcome to the Franchise Web site. Franchise is a mental defecation into a musical atmosphere. Franchise is one part seventies porno mixed with equal parts flea market and disillusionment mixed together with angst and dildos, to create an erectile disfuntion that will be the envy of suppressed men every where. Disposable music for a society of waste.