Frank Nash’s Trips
Many people ask me, "What's your trip?", so I decided to create a menu. It's just to meet guys to have safe but serious fun with. What comes next, comes next. E-mail me.
I Want to Pleasure a Hetero Greek Man
I want to meet a heterosexual Greek man who needs pleasure he's not getting at home. My speciality is a great massage to a delayed and great finish, but also interested in finding a man I might enjoy pleasing orally. I don't do this much and it will depend on many things, not the least of which is how I feel with you. You should be Greek, 40-45+, in good shape, heterosexual, not too hairy, and preferably not a dripper. My discretion is assured; yours should be too. You must be safe and enjoy receiving pleasure.

I spent my youth in a locker room and it burned into my psyche a fetish for muscle. Bodybuilders, athletes, workers, naturals. Exhibitionists and narcissists are hot. (Narcissists, I have mirrors.) Love teasers, show-offs, cocky guys, as well as shy guys who build up their lust. My interests include verbal worship, touch worship, massage through and out of clothes, total tongue-bath worship, possible oral service but that really depends. Photography, strict voyeurism, silent or verbal, silent watching, shaving. Love muscle bottoms and muscle popperheads. Not interested in bears.
There is nothing like masturbation. I love it alone or alongside another dedicated masturbator. I know how to masturbate. I like to use porn (and nonporn) videos and jpegs, along with lots of poppers, limited alcohol, limited etc. Love to stroke right beside you, watch you stroke, stroke to be seen transported by lust, etc. I like to take hours and keep myself as close as I can to the edge. Like to do it till my balls hurt, and this takes 15 hours (don't get to do this often). Often get into my dickhead and balls, gooning out, entering the porn or screen. Love to encourage partner in same thing.
I am a good photographer and have a simple, good digital camera. I love to take photos of men, especially if you're a show-off (really turn on to it). I'm really hot for men who are proud of themselves and don't care that their face is in a picture. The face is where the lust is displayed and a photo without the face is only half a photo. I even am working on series of the faces of men masturbating and cumming. If you get hot posing, come on over. Guaranteed for your use and my use only. If being photographed is part of your need, let me help you realize it. Show off for me.
Heterosexual Men
Straight men make my cock hard and my nipples and gut ache. I would just like to meet one hetero man who needs some TLC every couple of weeks. I mean heterosexual men, not str8 men, not butch men, not any kind of gay men or even bisexual men. I am talking about blueblooded hetero men who just are not getting what they need at home. I promise very good handiwork, and depending, possible oral. Upfront: I would love to find a hetero man to really treat right once every week or two. 100% discretion guaranteed and expected. The drinks are on me.
Getting Sucked Off
It's not so much getting my cock sucked as having you use your mouth and throat to help me masturbate. I feel you up to turn myself on more. You flex for me while you mouth me. Each of us has a brown jug (if you're into it). The pleasure of my hard-on becomes the focus of us both and, just for the moment, your reason for being. I stroke the slimy exposed portion of the stalk, you take care of the rest. At some point, preferably after several hours, your focus shifts to my orgasm. Mine shifts to forestalling it. You want the sperm, I want it to last. See if you can change my mind. You don't have to be gay.
I love watching men get off, alone or with each other, and lucky for me, there are a lot of guys who like being watched. The scenes vary, and I can be totally silent, even hiding and watching. I can also be very verbal and involved with lots of eye contact so you know that I'm getting off on you, fucking beating my meat over your body, your face, your presence. If you want to be living porn, you know what I'm talking about. If you're into it, I'll come closer for touch or tongue. Voyeur/exhibitionist scenes are especially hot because it's so clear each man is feeding the other's need, and it sort of spirals from there. If you've done it, you know how hot it is.
Ball Play
I am an experienced and understanding ball man and have been a member of the Ball Club three times. I have big balls that are tough and pleasurable. I like to have the things massaged, bound, squeezed and hit (and of course licked and worshipped). I like to have them get wet and hot so that they hang low. They are very big but they pull up too tight. As a top, I also like to squeeze, hit and bind a man's balls. I have also used presses, weights, and pumps on other men. If your knees go weak thinking about it, let's talk. Many men have never felt how their lust builds through expert masturbation by the top, and as it does, how their balls willingly ask for more because their cocks need it. I can teach you this. And promise to respect your needs.
What Me Bottom?
I'm primarily a top, but this puts me at the mercy of the availability of a bottom, so who's the top really? I bottom in several ways. I love to give up all pride and shame and lose my mind to get my hands and tongue on a hard body or studly face. I like to have my nuts worked and to a pretty tough level—as long as I have had time to get my cock into things. I do want to meet a heterosexual man who needs service every one or two weeks or so. This service would definitely involve worship and masturbation, but I want to meet a man I feel hot for and drive him orally to the wall.
Men I Have Shot Off Over: The [Very] Short List
I have shot sperm over B.J. Surhoff*. Lawrence Dallaglio*. Jason Sehorn! Gilad. Dennis Quaid. Joe Montana. Frank Zane*. Chris Duffy*. Rick Rossovich. David Beckham. Jusup Wilcosz. Luis Figo*. Tom Prince. Mark Mercuri. Franco Santoriello*. Andrew Johns*. Buck Adams. Mike Mentzer. Brian Bosworth. Rick Rude. Warren Cuccurullo. RFK. Fred Dryer. David Neitz*. Larry Scott*. Fabio. Charles Atlas. John Rocker. Alastair Lynch. Raul. Michael Newman. Mike Rowe. (Yeah!) Mark Spitz. Randy Spears*. Mark Gasnier. Randy West. Ivan Putski & Scott Bednarski (alone and together). Wayne Carey. B.J. Surhoff*. Cal Ripken*. Daniel Craig. Mick McCarthy. Steve Silvagni. Dennis Tinerino. Walt Willey. Brady Anderson. Franco Columbu*. Brad Fittler*. Turkish oil wrestlers*. James Caan & Scott Caan (separately and together; which is the bigger stud?). Tony Pandolfo. Jack Scalia. Gabe Kapler*. Vic Siepke. Steve Finley. Denny Gable. Joey Silvera. Bill Ritter. Rocco Siffredi*. Jack Hanna. The Klitschko studbrothers. Sean Bean. Pavol Jablonicky*. Bruce Patterson. Sylvester Stallone. Bob Paris. Oh yeah, and B.J. Surhoff*. B.J. Surhoff*. God, yeah, B.J. Surhoff*. ssssssh. * at least 50 times
Human Toys
There isn't much to say here. Occasionally I like to meet a guy who is essentially a human toy, does anything suggested. When the guy is long, dark, built and slutty, so much the better. I love a hungry or thirsty mouth, but I do not fuck. I find fisting too much work. And as for bondage, I find it much more interesting for it to be entirely mental on the bottom's part. I like a guy who likes to party but don't want the party to be too heavy-duty or smelly. That means poppers (!), beer and maybe a very gentle (d) other. Like some kinky stuff, toys, fetishes, gear (but not leather). I'm mainly top.
Dream List
These are a must: Natural demeanor, no attitude, no airs, clean, neg. These are my wish list, in no particular order. hard body, heterosexual, brunet, comfortable in next to no clothes to total exhibitionist. Like tall and lanky. Like the father on Patty Duke show. Like men who got muscles from work. Like jeans and t-shirts. Greek men. Also Romanian, Croatian, Hungarian, Czech, Irish, French. Otherwise pretty much American white guys. Kissing. Would love to meet a heterosexual Greek in good shape, 40-65, clean, needing service once or twice a month. Like saltwater men. Like men who know who Freebo is. Like men who like the natural world but are not tech weenies. Like guys who keep their windows open.
J/O Clinic
Masturbation has a bad rep. It's seen as a substitute for some "real thing." Masturbation is legitimate, hot sex, and it can give you pleasure you never dreamed of—alone. It's a matter of relaxation, pacing, exploring your desires, trusting that your fantasies are just that—and harmless. Most men jack off in five minutes, like they'd brush their teeth. I'll take my time to thoroughly relax you and then to massage you to prolong the pleasure before you shoot—what most guys don't think about. Porn, music and low lights. Some call this tantric massage. Tantra is much more sophisticated, and I don't make this claim. It's simple exploration and enjoyment of the ride. Learn what edging really is.
Men’s Faces in Orgasm
I have a photography project in progress. A series of photos of men masturbating. The difference? Faces only. If you'd like to have your face photographed as you jack off, click here for more info.
Not My Trip
Gymmies, buff, shaved (usually), shaved heads, yellow moussed hair, fur, most tattoos, most piercings, any trends, leather, daddies, bears, cigars, lingo freaks, 666, chems, football player's build, swimmer's build, no-shows, people who talk about edging who don't even know what it means, people who say they're j/o freaks but want to suck dick, mansmells, cigars or cigarettes as fetish, anticologne brigade (drench my sheets in Canoe), muscle bears, fisting (usually), men who call themselves boys and especially who call themselves boiz (ditto those who spell azz, str8, etc.), "fratboys" (but not fraternity members, esp. big-built athletes). Role playing. Being called Sir.
Even More
Click on my Yahoo profile. I'm in Astoria, Queens. If any of my interests click with you, write me and let's get together. Tell me what you like. Quickly: I was born in 1951, am 6 ft. tall, 235 lbs., masculine, white male, with moustache. Read this whole page because the trips are related and often feed into each other. This is the only photo of me; the others are from the Web.

P.S. I love heterosexual Greek men.


And on another note: If this photo means
anything to you, I want to hear from you.