welcome to my  home!!
last updated : 04/06/06
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- friends pages linked to the pictures on friends..  loni page is up, and all the others pages just say "persons name's page".. more to come!
-(maybe) figure out the web cam buisness thingy
there is no reason to be shy... look around.. explore.. this is a home full of pictures and words.. friends and family.. joys and sorrows.. but most importantly.. life
it begins with a single click, a sound vibrating out of the dim.. a car horn, a lawnmower.. then suddenly an explosion wide and bright soaring into the night air.. beautiful and grotesque, spinning waves of fire leaping about your head. then it ingolfs you.. the living fire.. the breath of life.. you know you can never go back.. and you will never be the same.. in my eyes.. life is a fire... floating on the water.. wispering in the wind and reaching for the shore.. spreading beyond reality and emagination, through the depths of every soul, each an ocean of their own current.. the greatest metaphore to the greatest reality we could ever know.  life
i just found out that i can update my webpage from the school computers so im excited and gona get right on it, probably starting next week or so
the greatest mystery to the farthest end.. we are alive.. the secrets of our own existance reach beyond our comeprehension.. yet we are here. that much is undenieable
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