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We Just Uploaded 81 New Pics: Dec 29!!!

In Memory of Columbia STS-107
Commander Rick D. Husband, Pilot William C. McCool, Payload Commander Michael P. Anderson, Mission Specialists David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel B. Clark, Israeli Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon.



I Wish I was at The DogPark!!!

Deep Feb Snow Pic From
Echo Lake DogPark


Current DogPark Conditions:
Gate Open: Gate 2 Flagged
Top of The Hill
Gate 4 also Open in Far Back of The DogPark

Turf: Deep Mud / Grass

There May Be SALT in the Parking Area. Watch Your Dogs Feet!

Please Watch Out for Holes!!!!

Trash Cans: Located in Parking Area 


Echo Lake DogPark Closing.

"ELDP will not be closed until a new location has been chosen or issues sufficiently addressed at the existing site allows us to keep it open."

Betty Ann Kelly
Union County Department of Parks & Recreation


Please Take What You Bring with You.

Trash Buckets are Located Within the DogPark.

If Trash Buckets are Full Please Empty them into the Garbage Cans Located Near The Parking Area.

Thanks To Everyone Who has been Helping Out Around The DogPark.

With your help we hope to make Echo Lake our DogPark's Permanent Home!!!


It Looks Like UCDP&R will be opening 2 smaller DogPark areas and then closing the Echo Lake DogPark at some time in the future. We will know more on Feb 18, 2003 when UCDP&R releases their site determination of 2 possible new DogPark areas. We have been working with UCDP&R to try and Keep Echo Lake DogPark Open.

Join our Yahoo Group and Voice Your Opinion on Moving our
DogPark at Echo Lake.

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Friends of Echo Lake DogPark

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"The Friends of Echo Lake DogPark" are not directly Associated with the Union County Parks Department nor is any other Group. We communicate directly with The Parks Department so we can understand their views on issues as well as express to them our concerns.


Our Yahoo Group The Friends of Echo Lake DogPark Mountainside NJ


We provide Park Conditions and Issue Information Directly by Email and here on this Page.


Union County Parks & Recreation's Echo Lake DogPark Page


Our Yahoo Group is used as an e-mailing list for members to communicate and discuss DogPark issues with each other.

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The Friends of Echo Lake DogPark

Founded Nov 18, 2002


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