1. The opening sequence of Friends was filmed on the Warner Bros. lot at 5
o'clock in the morning.

2. During first season Mon, Rach, Chandler and Joey mysteriously moved
up a couple of floors in their apartment building.

3-During the 6th season, Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler, Rachel and Joey, Phoebe and Joey, Ross and Phoebe, Chandler and Rachel, Chandler and Phoebe, Rachel and Monica, Chandler and Joey and Joey and Ross shared kisses!

4.Friends received a lot of guest star over the years including: Noah Wyle,
George Clooney, Jonathan Silverman, Billy Crystal, Jon Lovitz, Isabella Rosellini, Chris Isaak, Hank Azaria, Soleil Moon Frye, Jennifer Grey, Ralph Lauren, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Marcel The Monkey, Ben Stiller, David Arquette,
Brooke Shields, Julia Roberts, Charlie Sheen, Tom Selleck, Elle Macpherson, Giovanni Ribsi and more recently, Bruce Willis and Reese Witherspoon, just to name a few.

5. Matthew Perry co-wrote a sitcom called 'Maxwell House' about a group
of twenty-something. NBC turned it down because they had a similar project in mind..Friends !

6. When they were young and struggling actors, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry hanged out together!  

7. At the age of 13 Matthew Perry was ranked No. 2 in Canada for junior tennis.

8. Monica, Chandler & Joey live in a six storey apartment building on West 14th Street.

10. Other titles were considered for Friends: Six of One, Friends Like Us, Across the Hall and Insomnia Cafe.

11. David Schwimmer apparently turned down Will Smith's part in Men In Black.

12. Jennifer Aniston's real last name is actually Anistonopoulos.

13. Playgirl readers voted David Schwimmer one of 1995's 10 sexiest men.

14. Friends cast have a pact; if one of them leave, they all do.  

15. Courteney Cox Arquette was originally casted for the part of Rachel but she thought she was more a Monica. The producers finally agreed and she got the part!

16. Lisa Kudrow's sister, Helene Sherman doubles for Ursula's (Phoebe's twin sister) shoulder shots.

17. David Schwimmer attended Beverly Hills High School, the school where the show Beverly Hills 90 210 was based on.

18. Rachel's middle name is Karen, Monica's starts with 'E', Ross's is Eustance and
Joey's full name is Joey Marcello Tribbiani Jr.

19. The art in Central Perk is changed for every episode and is sometimes made by
the crew.


According to Jennifer Aniston, her famous "Rachel" hairdo  was created by accident   when her "friend" Chris cut  her hair with a razor.

21. Courteney was the first person to say "period" on American TV when she made a Tempax commercial.  

22. Courteney was on the cover of People magazine's 50 most beautiful people issue.  

23. Matthew Perry dated Julia Roberts not long after she guest-starred on Friends. Apparently, it didn't last.

24. Lisa Kudrow has a major in Biology.

25. Courteney is the girl pulled on stage in Bruce Springsteen "Dancing in the Dark" video.

Marcel the monkey was in the movie Outbreak with Dustin Hoffmann.

27. David Schwimmer hosted Montreal's Just For Laugh Festival.