William Thomas Fulay
Hello everyone. 
My name is William Thomas Fulay and I was born on February 25, 2004.   My mommy, daddy & I live in our little apartment in Long Island. Every month my daddy updates my web page to share pictures with our friends and family because we all know...I'll grow up very fast!!  Take a look at my pages and the pages of our friends and family. 
Ninong, Ninang & Kuya Jonathan's pics

Cousin Liam's Lair

Uncle Kermit & Auntie Em's Place

Uncle Pak

Auntie Anna T

Cousin Ito's Pics

Uncle Rae & Auntie Micheline

Milo's World

Auntie Bubbles & Uncle Mark

Cousin Trinity's Pics

Uncle Manny Tan
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My Favorite Sites
Buy Buy Baby
Babies R Us
Baby Einstein

Mommy's Favorite Sites
Anne Taylor Loft
Harry Potter

Daddy's Favorite Sites
Food TV
Sci-Fi Channel
Brooks Brothers
It's little Me, my mommy & silly daddy.  I know one day thay plan on giving me some siblings and I wonder when the stork will arrive.  I am looking forward to being an older brother.