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Welcome to my Website!  Please take a look around.

You're probably wondering who I really am and what the purpose of this site is. I'll be happy to tell you if you're brave enough to read on.

My name is Chris McDowell and I live in Urbana, Illinois, USA.  I am fascinated with communication and am currently attending UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) for a Master's degree in Speech Communication.  I did my undergraduate work at GSU (Georgia State University) and earned a Bachelor's degree there.  I ultimately wish to teach at the college level.

My main interest is interpersonal communication and its effect and form through such media as film and the internet.  I am especially intrigued with the process of argument.

I created this website to serve several functions;

1- To attend college I moved away from many wonderful friends and  family and decided this would be a nice way to keep them abreast of my goings-on.

2- To serve as a storage area for some of my ideas and interests so that people like you might know who I am and participate in that communication over the internet I referred to earlier. =)

3- To have a place to post such things as my resume, pictures, and scholarly papers.

You can find my short version Teaching Portfolio at the HigherEdJobs website HERE

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