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This is a mock website to establish an internet presence for the Gaer Community of Newport, South Wales. It is particularly concerned with the Gaer Community Network (GCN) and how you can benefit and in turn benefit others by your involvement.

We have the results of our Planning for Real (RTM) initiative!

For recent changes see Latest changes. I'm hoping to add maps, photos and information about local establishments (shops, churches, youth club, social groups, nurseries). If you want to be on this site send me an email.

This is, so far, only a quick mock up of a possible website for the Gaer Community Network. Information about the sites design is provided via "this site" on the menu opposite. The site does however hold some relevant data that you might like to look at. It was last modified on Friday, 19-Mar-04 10:05:52 PST (automatically added date).

Please contact me if you have any suggestions for content for this site, if you'd like to be involved in it's development, if you spot any mistakes, or if you'd like to give me any other feedback. You can e-mail me from a link at the bottom of any page on this site.

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