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My name is Jonathan, and I live and work in Hannibal, Missouri. Mark Twain was also from Hannibal, and met Oscar Wilde there on a steamship next to his ancestral home. Today, the Mark Twain home is sadly falling apart, and the visitor's center says nothing of Mark Twain's connections with the budding environmentalist movement of the time. Alas.

Still, there are some good whippersnappers left, and I've found some of them offering audio commentaries online. I intend for this to become much more than an ordinary home page, but something more of a chronicling of my journey through the progressive side of the online world. As you stay tuned, you'll find more and more liberal links here. Until I build those up, I susggest that you take a look at the growing list of links assembled at Sources of Unconventional Sagacity.

In the meantime, get your attitude on and stand up for your values through the progressive items found at Irregular Goods Please stay tuned, and get in touch!

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