The Galleries Union


Who Are We?

The Galleries Union is a group NeoPets owners who enjoy collecting items and displaying them in a gallery shop on NeoPets. The definition of a gallery is a shop where at least 80% of the stock at any given time is dedicated to a collection of items which are priced unbuyable. The collections can be all one theme, such as a moehog gallery or food gallery, or a collection of your favorite things. They just must be priced 100k or above.

To be a member of The Galleries Union you must have at least one gallery, and join The Galleries Union NeoCircle, and have the working code in your gallery.

Have an item you are trying to find for your gallery? Have an item you want to trade or sell that someone may want for their own gallery? Come visit our board, and talk with the other collectors :)

Each month, the founders of The Galleries Union will pick one gallery as its spotlight. That gallery will get a special trophy to display in their shop as well as their link published on the main page of this website. (The spotlight program has been on hold, but will be back shortly!)

If you have any suggestions for us, please neomail us at thegalleriesunion

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