My pokemon site
animated pokemon gif, and images of pokemon, and pokemon music.
My Dragonball site
pictures, and  animated gif of dragonball  chracters.
My Simpson site
pictures of the simpsons, and animated gif of the simpsons.
My Final Fantasy 8 site
My FF8 site has tip and hints like all the GF location and tips on  magic junction, transportation , and it also has alot of cool FF8 pictures.
My  fan sites.
See my animated ff8 animated gif movie
cool Links
My final fantasy 8 club
Animated FF8 gif Movie
My weird  ART Gallery
My Final fantasy Club
Dragonball Z
image gallery
My DBZ image gallery
Also see my
My favourite shoutcast winamp asian internet radio stations Mxproject.
Animated FF8 gif
Animated FF8 gif Gallery
My weird  ART Gallery 2
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My Yuwie
MXP Yuwie club!
My Jade Valerie bebo fan club.
My Jade Valerie Yuwie
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