Stephanie McMahon Helmsly

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Game Over?

Earlier Today, The Icelord was confronted by the Game. The Icelord was giving a speech in the Training Area and said "The Game is in for a surprise." Before he could begin to speak again, The Game appeared. He asked The Icelord if he wanted to play The Game. The Game moved toward The Icelord. As he approached The Icelord, there was a massive explosion behind The Game. It was The Undertaker and Kane. Kane explained that even though The Icelord wasn't his father, he was a father figure to him and he felt that he should stay loyal. The Icelord struck The Game from behind. Taker and Kane double chokeslammed The Game. The Icelord froze The Game's midesection to the ground so that he could not escape. The Icelord said that The Game would never see Stephanie again. The Icelord was about to use his powers to blast the Game to his death when mysteriously The Game was teleported from the area. The question is, By who?