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Update 6/24/01
Been a while hasn't it? Well, today I updated the links section with about 4 new links, and i fixed a whole bunch that had either moved of were not working. Also the other day I updated with like 3 new movies in the fan movies section. Also Im think about moving the site, but i'm not sure. Anyway just wanted to tell yall all the stuff ive been doing. Also in a couple days, im going to update the charectors, the links, and im going to add a fan fic section. Also I'm going to start the report going again. Talk to yall later.
Update 7/2/01
Well, I did lots a work today. I added a fan fiction section, you can see that by going to the fans section then click on FanFic. So far I have 6 of them. All are great, send me your fanfic and I'll post it on the site! Also, I wanted yall to know that I'm currently in the middle of redesigning the website, it wont be done for a while though so enjoy this on while it lasts. Also Planet Remants has shut down, Mudgie says "It just got to where it wasn't any fun updating anymore" So he closed his site down and joined up with Isolated who just unveiled their new design, looks great!
And the results of the poll from last week are as follows, 50% of the people said it was the perfect size, 0% said it was to big, 33% said it was to small, and 16% said they didn't know, be sure to check out this weeks poll in the left and column
Well, Just wanna tell yall the reason i didn't update for half a month is cuz I was on vacation. My grandmother, sister and I drove to Tenessee and spent the week with my aunt. We had the best time going all over Tenesee and Kentucky. I'll probably update later with some actual site stuff, even though there's no news.
Update   7/19/01
Well, finally some news. Thanks for Guillermo for finding the cover to Rem 3 and Nothlit for pointing it out on the remnants mb. Well I got it now in the books section. Enjoy! Also I've been working on the new design, I wanna thank nothlit for his html help.
Update   7/23/01
DANG! Its been a LONG time since i updated...sorry. Anyway, I updated with Remnants #3 summary, steer clear if you dont want bk 2 spoiled. Also, the reason I have updated so little is cuz I've been working over time. Also the August site of the month was given, and the winner is The Remnants Archives, congratulations! for my site in the top site list (above) have a good day!
Update 8/13/01
Today I updated with the book page and info for Rem. Book 4. The title is also available, and its all in the books section. I have been working soooo hard on the new site. The new site will be completed VERY soon. I've already uploaded most of it on to the internet. I'd say some time next week. Anyway, thats it for now.
Update 8/19/01
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