Hello; I'm a "Lover" a lover of life that is, I believe that life is a "Journey" live it, love it, and "Enjoy the experience!! Life is such a wonderful gift, even with it's down time, it is a thing of beauty. You just have to know how to feel what your emotions tell you that you are see. Life has a natural beauty, I hope you will become a part of that beauty. My interests are Astronomy, and Photograpy. I love to find a cozy field or park, the beach also, just a special place to set up my telescopes and cameras, and watch the beauty of the heavens(psalm 19:1). I'm very passionate about my Savior, and his gift of Salvation to me. I'm an adventurer, I love to seek out new things,try new things, and evaluate the signifigance of the experience. And then enter it in my journal, as a part of the great book I will give to the world one day. Happiness and a positive attitude is a part of my character, and it keeps away the temper demons of life. So if you love laughter, wit, good conversation, and an attentive listener, without being judgemental, then I'm the "Genuine Touch"